Mathry Trefin Businesses

Sitting atop a hill, Mathry’s roots are in the Iron Age when the village would have been a defensive fort, perfectly positioned to know of an approaching enemy. Today Mathry is a quiet place with small streets entwined across the whole of the hill top and fine views of the St David’s Peninsula from various spots throughout the village.

As recently as 2006, Haverfordwest records office found evidence that Jemima Nicholas, local heroine of the Last Invasion of Britain (1797), was baptised in the parish of Mathry on 2 March 1755

Trefin is steeped in history and is well positioned for visiting the stunning beauty of the Pembrokeshire coastline. The charming historic village stretches out along the road half a mile inland of spectacular cliffs and is most famous for its old mill, Melin Trefin, mentioned in Archdruid Crwys’ poem of the same name.

It  has a very un-commercialised feel to it and offers a small low-tide sand and shingle beach below the old mill, which is great for rockpools.


You can easily get to Mathry, Trefin businesses on the Fishguard to St Davids coastal bus service 404: The Strumble Shuttle.