BenPix Commercial Photography

I’m keen with a camera and enjoy producing clean, creative and professional images that show your business and its products at their best.

Whether your business is product, premises or people, I can give you the attention, vision and expertise to co-create photographic work that sells what you do and what you offer in the most attractive and effective way.

All images are digitally enhanced and retouched to transform the camera’s limited view into the best possible version to show your customers. All cameras and lenses are Nikon. Processing is achieved on the current versions of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. More than that, with my marketing background, photographic experience and artistic training, I can help you find that new creative angle to sell whatever product or service you’re offering your ideal client.

The images above are a thin cross-section of my work – this GoFishguard website has over 100 of my images scattered around it – and I would be delighted to personally show you more.

Just call Benjamin at BenPix Commercial Photography on 07860 379 348 for a chat and we can arrange a time for a full consultation about your project, whether for your new website, brochure, press release, or that glossy magazine article.

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Benjamin Edom

Commercial Photography
Phone 07860 379 348

Calves Cottage
Cilshafe Uchaf
Fishguard SA65 9SR