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Educational Solutions (UK) Ltd incorporates two other companies in our group: Educational Explorers (Publishers) and The Cuisenaire Company which is the marketing name under which we operate. The Cuisenaire Company Ltd was founded in 1954 in Reading by the eminent educationist Dr C Gattegno, SC., D.E.S., Dr. Phil., M.A., D.Litt. As well as his work at the Universities of Liverpool and London he was also secretary of the International Commission for the Study and Improvement of Mathematics Education (CIEAEM). In 1950 he established and was founder president of the Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ATM). Gattegno’s meeting with M. Georges Cuisenaire introduced him to the Cuisenaire Rods and he recognised at once that this material offered a perfect means of resolving the problems of understanding mathematics for young children. Gattegno worked tirelessly to introduce this new approach to schools throughout the UK, and subsequently to teachers in schools around the globe. His books were translated into at least eight languages. Gattegno published a set of materials for the study of Reading and Writing entitled Words in Colour, also published for French speakers as Lecture en Couleur and for Spanish speakers as Letras en Color. Almost simultaneously he published The Silent Way with versions for teaching foreign languages, initially with versions for English as a second language, for French and for Spanish.
We relocated his UK companies from Reading to Fishguard in 2005 and distribute these materials from here to schools and colleges and to parents both throughout the UK and around the world.
Unfortunately our operation here in Fishguard is for warehousing and distribution only. Our unit is not a retail premises and we are not equipped to entertain visitors. However, we do have information on our website at and all enquiries are welcome either by telephone 01348 874890 or email 

The Cuisenaire Company

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