Experts from Australia, Austria, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, Sweden, the UK and USA are meeting this week in Fishguard – yes the small Pembrokeshire  town better-known to Coast Path walkers than international conference delegates! They have come to exchange information on specialised research into global climate change.

What makes clouds turn into rain?  They need microscopic  particles called ice nuclei to start the complex process.  How will global warming affect these ice nuclei?  If worldwide rainfall patterns change significantly,  effects on fresh water availability,  agriculture and food production could be catastrophic.

Very few centres of excellence lead this ground-breaking research – and most of them are here, in West Wales for the first time. Dr  Bruce Moffett, the Conference Convener, commented: “I have been inspired by the processes that lead to rainfall for many years.  It is unbelievable that  such  eminent scientists have  chosen to come together in Wales to share their work”.