Fishguard & Goodwick Town Team


When the UK Government asked Mary Portas to advise on reviving Britain’s High Streets, one of her suggestions was that each place should bring together the local politicians with the business organisations and the community sector.

Pembrokeshire Best

Pembrokeshire followed this advice and offered three years of support and match funding from 2014-2016 to six towns in the county, of which Fishguard and Goodwick has become the brand leader. The Welsh Government awarded £1m to 20 towns round the country and Fishguard and Goodwick, as the most effective Town Team in this county, received an additional £50,000 to spend on capital or revenue uses in pursuit of the aim of rejuvenating our town centres.

On this page you can read the minutes of the meetings of our Town Team Steering Group, the Development Plan which is updated after each meeting as new projects are supported, and an appendix listing all the projects that have come forward in the past three years.


Each of the three founding bodies: the Town Council, Chamber of Trade, and Community Forum, provide three representatives to sit alongside the three county councillors to decide on applications for support. The secretary of the North Pembrokeshire Transport Forum has also been co-opted. Pembrokeshire County Council’s community regeneration team provide essential support. Meetings are held approximately bi-monthly.

Having a Town Team approach to regeneration has proved very successful, despite the misgivings in some quarters that such a collaborative approach would undermine the traditional way of working.

The Development Plan for Fishguard and Goodwick

The Development Plan is the organic document created by the Town Team; the Town Council, Chamber of Trade and Community Forum working with the County Councillors. After each meeting of the Town Team this document is updated with completed projects moving to the Appendix.  It is an aspirational document and well thought out projects and proposals are most welcome. If you wish to submit ideas to be included please discuss them first with any of the Councillors, the Chamber or Forum.

The Plan aims to show the lead body with responsibility for each action, dates and milestones for completion and costings, if known.

The Development Plan and Appendix are available for examination in the Library. Just ask the librarian on duty.

The Honorary secretary would like you to know that, in the absence of support staff, not all details are complete in the Plan, but that it gives a very good account of what the Town Team have been focused on in support of the regeneration of our twin towns.