Kebab House

We love to satisfy you and your family and friends with freshly made takeaway food.   We have a great choice of pizzas, kebabs, wraps, burgers, meat and chips, southern fried chicken, spare ribs and other dishes and drinks. Family packs available. Minimum order for home delivery is £7.00 with a delivery charge of £1.00 

Here is just a selection from our menus and prices.


9 inch 12 inch
Margherita Cheese and tomato £5.90 £7.90
BBQ Original experience Cheese, onion, chicken, pepperoni £7.80 £10.20
Chicken and mushroom Cheese, tomato, chicken, mushroom £7.00 £9.50
Hawaiian Hot Cheese, tomato, ham, pineapple, jalapenos £7.50 £9.80
Vegetarian Cheese, tomato, mushroom, green peppers,, onion, sweetcorn  £7.50 £10.40
Meat Feast Cheese, tomato, ham, beef, pepperoni, salami £7.90 £11.00
Seafood Cheese, tomato, onions, anchovies, prawns, tuna £8.20 £11.20
Fishguard Special Cheese, tomato, onion, beef, mushroom, ham, pepperoni, green peppers, salami £8.50 £11.80



Medium Large
Doner Kebab 100% lamb, seasoned and served in pitta bread with fresh salad £4.90 £5.90
Chicken Doner Kebab Slice of marinated tender chicken in pitta bread with fresh salad £5.00 £6.50
Kofte Kebab 100% minced lamb, seasoned with chillies and fresh garlic, in pitta bread with fresh salad £5.50 £7.00
Fishguard Kebab Lamb and chicken shish in pitta bread with fresh salad and pot of sauce £7.00
Kurdish Kebab Lamb Shish and Lamb doner, in pitta bread with fresh salad, pot of sauce £7.00
Cypriot Kebab Lamb doner, chicken shish in pitta bread with fresh salad, pot of sauce £7.00
House special Lamb doner, lamb and chicken shish, in patta bread with fresh salad, pot of sauce £7.00
Chef’s special Mixture of doner, chicken and lamb shish, kofte kebab, in two pitta breads with fresh salad with pots of sauce £11.70


Also meat and chips, burgers, southern fried chicken, wraps, extra toppings and  other dishes, drinks, special meals for kids and family packs from £12.50 – £25.90.  Super mega deals – just call in and excite your taste buds and enjoy.

Kebab House

Contact details

85 West Street
SA65 9NJ

Tel: 01348 874400

Open: 3.30pm to 11.00pm every day including bank holidays.