Things to Do

Things To Do

Things to Do

This amazing part of North Pembrokeshire contains many hidden gems and delights ready and waiting for the discerning visitor. Ancient stones and internationally renowned gardens, adventure opportunities, intriguing small businesses, music, art and craft in abundance, interesting characters with incredible stories all will be revealed to those who want to find them. Keep your eyes peeled and use this website and our free to download Fishguard Bay App to help you to find them.

Yes, the last invasion of Britain really did happen here and was defeated by local people. See the tapestry to commemorate that event of 1797, in its special gallery in the Town Hall.

Yes, the first completed flight to Ireland took off in 1912 from a field above Goodwick – see the plaque to mark brave Dennis Corbett Wilson, who died later in his aircraft above the battlefields of France in 1915.

History is just below the surface

sometimes hinted at in plaques or memorials around our towns and in the Market Hall. Discover Fishguard and Goodwick in 4 walks.

Try your hand at a new activity – golf, fishing, kayaking, rock climbing, coasteering – go on – be bold. Or more gently, have a go at painting, sketching or playing a musical instrument. There are so many opportunities which local enthusiasts will share with you. Visit the Sea Life Trust and learn about what’s under the surface; you might get a chance to see seals and dolphins – even whales.

For those who just like to look there are a good number of speciality shops where you’re always welcome – so come on in. If you hear Welsh spoken, ask if you can be taught a few phrases. Fishguard and Goodwick have a longstanding reputation for friendliness so don’t be shy.

Our fabulous theatre/cinema has all the latest releases, our leisure centre is well equipped and ready to help you. The local community celebrates a surprising number of special events throughout the year and welcomes your involvement.