Transition Bro Gwaun wins Europe-wide REFRESH Food Waste Solutions Contest

Today TBG heard that they have won a Europe-wide competition to act as a model for food waste cafés across Europe!

Look for the whole Transition Bro Gwaun Wins Refresh Food Waste Contest story on S4C at 7pm tonight, Wednesday 22nd March.

‘We are happy to announce that the Transition Surplus Food Project has been selected by our expert jury as one of the winners of the REFRESH Food Waste Solution Contest!

The jury was drawn to The Transition Surplus Food Project by the integrated concept, inspirational qualities and concrete action delivering quantified results. Your grassroots initiative implements food waste reduction as an integrated part of a larger sustainability concept including behaviour changes and building new community structures.

The approach connects the use of surplus food from local entrepreneurs with a palette of opportunities to preserve it for human consumption, and diverting left-over food resources – where safe for animals – for production of animal feed or for anaerobic digestion. It is an innovative approach in combining social, commercial, environmental and valorisation options to reduce food waste across the supply chain, which reflects the REFRESH core objectives.

Your initiative is a pioneer in the growing movement of pay-as-you-feel food waste cafes. The model has shown replicability across Europe, which convinced the jury of Transition Surplus Food Project’s realization potential and future impact.’

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